Western female conversions to islam essay

Thus, we find that they go and search, read and draw conclusions as well. Many of these women think this behavior is fun, until they fuck someone who they fall in love with, but who thinks of them only as a walking, talking flesh light.

It is to say they are always depicted as passive victims of masculine dominance. The egalitarian message of Islam pushes a lot of women to embrace Islam.

By looking at the stories of the female converts we can gain an understanding of the reasons behind their transformation. First of all, women in general are more religious and spiritual. When I approached Islam, first by reading the divine Quran and then by studding Islam I wonder at its simplicity Islam is more logical, yet it contradicts everything that I was ever taught.

Women ARE still women. This great shift occurred immediately following September 11th,when general interest in Islam flourished. A relationship these days is basically a friendship where sex is involved. In this context Jane I. American women converts take the responsibility to draw and set rules for themselves, they refuse to just accept what is already decided for them.

Western female conversions to islam essay that is the case, then why are these women still converting? An interesting number of the converts show that they spent a long time going from one church to another to find an answer to their questions and to find a solution to their doubt, and they argue that only the Quran which could answer their religious questions.

Whereas men were once the breadwinners and providers, now women get to play this role too. This dissatisfaction is what propelled them to read about Islam and eventually resulted in their attraction to what they described as its logic especially with regard to its philosophy toward women.

Researchers and professors were asked to speak or give presentation about it. It is attracting everyone from all America. Yet a surprising number of women in Western Europe and America are converting to Islam.


At precisely the moment when exactly the opposite would seem more likely, a significant number of Americans are embracing Islam, with women outnumbering men approximately four to one.

I was a Christian by birth. The main objective of this study is to uncover the experiences of native American converts to Islam and to provide an answer to the following questions; what are the reasons behind the conversion of these modern American women who are born to and brought up approach by non-Muslim parents living in the U.

This helps Islam to gain a great acceptance within the American society. There dissatisfaction propelled them to read about Islam; thus, women converts turned from reading the bible to read the Quran. In other words, men are the ones who stand up for things. Islam in America To mention America and Islam, most think about a serious conflict between the two, but I suspect that is not the case and there is a great relationship.

In America, the common picture of a Muslim woman is that of a hidden face behind a veil, a voiceless and silent figure. However, these American women have been able to challenge this idea through their conversion to Islam. An American converts Aisha Cassana Maddox argues that: Here, we find that September 11th events create a kind of curiosity in these women and push them to read about Islam and its teaching.

Here I show how ideologies and political events become meaningful, and conversion comes not only out of personal quests and desires but can also be guided by political events.

The videos provide conversion stories by American women converts to Islam. Therefore, Islamic faith has in many estimates surpassed Judaism and is believed to be the second largest religion in the United States. Eventually, I became disenchanted with the whole idea.

I was not really satisfied with either one.A Western Approach to Islam Essay Words | 9 Pages. A Western Approach to Islam Islam is a highly recognizable and one of the most practiced religions in the world.

It is a religion that brings hope, a meaning for life, and ultimately peace to.

Why Are Most of the Western Converts to Islam Women?

Three Western Religions and their View on Women: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Words 3 Pages My paper studies the three most significant and most commonly known western religion Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in terms of the role that the woman played and a brief synopsis of the religions itself.

Ten essays by leading historians, sociologists, anthropologists, and theologians that probe Western women's motivations for converting to Islam. Another finding revealed by the Leicester study was that despite Western portraits of Islam casting it as oppressive to women, a quarter of female converts were attracted to the religion precisely.

Ten essays by leading historians, sociologists, anthropologists, and theologians that probe Western women's motivations for converting to Islam. January This.

Western converts to Islam

This essay seeks to contribute to the literature on conversion to Islam in the West, and to begin to explain why in the U.S. conversion to Islam has increased since 9/

Western female conversions to islam essay
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