Pre-k name writing assessment

You spend hours of your precious time each week creating amazing lesson plans with engaging themes and activities your kids will love. Rainbow Write Names Children use Scentos markers to trace over their names in a variety of colors and scents.


Separate the columns using letters of the alphabet. Letter Squares Children love to search for these letter pasting pieces and glue them to paper to spell their names. Children love using these alphabet dough stampers to stamp their names in play dough.

Sign up for the FREE newsletter and receive my ebook 7 Pre-K Teaching Hacks email address posted by Vanessa Levin filed under Literacy affiliate disclosure These are some of my favorite name activities for teaching young children how to recognize the letters in their names in the beginning of the school year.

Preschoolers learn best when the material presented is relevant to their lives and interests. Next, pour Kool-Aid over the top of the name and let dry. Using the sticky name-tags created by the children, place each tag on the chart according to the first letter.

Connecting Cubes I found an inexpensive box of connecting cubes at Wal-Mart. Have the child squeeze liquid glue on top of the letters and allow it to dry completely overnight.

These cards can be used for many different activities such as sorting by first letter, comparing and contrasting the number of letters in each name etc. Students will be able to distinguish at least the first letter of their first name and make attempts to recreate this letter on paper.

Alphabet Stamp Names Children stamp their names using alphabet stamps. Ready to teach smarter and save time? Are the children able to write the first letter of their name when given a model to copy?

Pre-K: Writing Sample 1

Be sure there are plenty of examples of print in your classroom for children to refer to when writing. While a traditional writing lesson may be too challenging for a preschool classroom, you can begin to introduce students to their names. The child uses Do-A-Dot markers to cover the letter s.

Name Activities for Preschool

Older students who are able to write their first names will begin working on their last names.Are you looking for help with assessment in your preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten classroom?

If so, you’re in the right place! Here you can find information about the importance of student assessments. The most important writing a child learns is to write their name. Use this simple writing lesson to help children learn to write their names. Includes a tactile letter recognition activity, as well as a graphing activity and ways to provide meaningful writing experiences in your everyday curriculum.

Call attention to the first letter of each name by writing it in red. These cards can be used for many different activities such as sorting by first letter, comparing and contrasting the number of letters in each name.

Use this form to keep track of where students are progressing in writing their name. Download: Name Writing Checklist. Anecdotal Records Form. This this form while observing children in Centers.

Kindergarten Name Writing Assessment

Download: Anecdotal Record Sheet. Pre-K Progress Report (Editable) This is a Pre-K Progress Report that you are welcome to use in your school.

If so, this free Pre-K assessment and data tracker will help keep you accountable for your student/child's learning! This free Pre-K assessment assesses the following skill areas: name writing. color identification.

letter identification (both uppercase and lowercase). This week we gave our writing assessment. Each kindergarten class performs the same assessment in the same manner. Our prompt is, 'Write about something you like to do in the snow'. Teachers do not confer with students during this assessment and we do not give a writing mini-lesson before the assessment.

This is an independent task.

Pre-k name writing assessment
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