Marketing of services lecture notes

What makes us different from our competitors? Before embarking on your marketing strategy, establish common ground by agreeing definitions and purpose. Each unit of - the service is somewhat different from the other units of the same service. I4 Service marketing is defined as the integrated system of business activities designed to plan, price, promote and distribute appropriate services for the benefit of existing and potential consumers to achieve organisational objectives.

Over 58 percent of the Indian population is under the age of If these do not match, quality difference can arise which will lead not only to a dissatisfied customers but also to bad publicity. The service in CE includes several processes e.

Build a marketing strategy and you will ensure that marketing is a long-term way of working, not a one-off activity. A change in condition may occur and production of service may or may not be closely associated with a physical product.

In services, we find the selling processes contributing to its creation. Customer expectations in services The zone of tolerance and influencing factors Why are these factors of relevance?

The Marketing Response Given the unique and distinguishing features of the service industry, researchers have offered different models for the marketing of services.

The intention behind this classification is to provide service managers with a means of identifying other companies who, though operating in different types of services, share certain common characteristics.

Lecture notes Services Marketing Management, Lecture 1-7

A product is tangible i. Marketing is a human activity directed at satisfying the needs and wants of consumers through exchange process. Having no choice adversely affects attitudinal and behavioral consequences, but offering an increasing number of choice options does not linearly contribute to more positive attitudes and behavioural intentions.

The positive developments in the service sector open new doors for an increase in disposable income. Human resource management is important. Delivering and performing service chapters 11 to 15 — 29 April Gap 4: Reasons why companies might not want to offer a service guarantee: Non-professional Services - day care, baby sitting.

Non-business services Business and professionalservices include banking, insurance, advertising, consulting, market information, budgeting, legal, medical, accounting etc.

The multi-faceted developments in the service sector and in the mounting intensity of competition have been engineering a strong foundation for the application of modern marketing principles in the service organisations.

There are several major differences, including: As in product marketing the management should first define its marketing goals and select its target markets. Service tangibility The degree of tangibility of a service can be used to classify services: In a narrower sense, service refers to quality of customer service: Therefore, services carry with them a combination of intangible perceptions and benefits.

Discovering customer requirements or expectations for service 2. The special characteristics of services make it quite difficult to apply the traditional Four Ps of marketing mix to services namely product, price, place and l9 Zeithaml.

This can be seen as a problem of inconsistent quality. Quality is conformance to requirements Value-based: Strong, well-known products provide companies with a real competitive advantage.

Marketing of Services Notes

Goods are distribution mechanisms for service provisions 4. Customer expectations in services, Chapter 4: Pay attention to details that could make a difference.

Services marketing requires not only external marketing but also internal marketing and interactive marketing. The moment an increase in the disposable income is found, the process of demand generation gains a rapid momentum creating more opportunities for the development of services sector. The need for the extension is due to the high degree of direct contact between the CE providers and the customers, the highly visible nature of the service process, and the simultaneity of the production and consumption.

Thus a modified marketing mix has to be developed which will incorporate those elements which are essential to the marketing of services in addition to the Four Ps. Intangibility Services are intangible in that they do not have a physical shape.

Changing Lifestyles With the development of corporate culture and the emergence of a well- established services sector there would be a basic change in the lifestyles. Volume 30 - May-Junepp. Inseparability Leads to direct short channels of distribution. Building customer relationships, Article:Services marketing notes 1.

SERVICES MARKETING Module 2 FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER Faculty: Kerena AnandA] TWO MARKS QUESTIONS1. Marketing Of Services Lecture Notes. Service Marketing Lecture 1 Maija Rökman Introduction KATMAA13 is number of Service Marketing (5 ECTS/op) Visiting Lecture Tue 18th September PhD Nina Mesiranta Books: Grönroos Christian Service Management and Marketing, 2nd ed.

Service Management and Marketing, 3rd ed. Gummesson Evert Total Relationship Marketing. lecture notes on marketing of financial services and marketing of services. how marketing of services is different from marketing of products pdf free download killarney10mile.comrper,United Kingdom,Professional.

Service Marketing Management Lecture 1; Introduction and foundations for service marketing Chapter 1: Introduction to services, Vargo and Lusch (), & Chapter 2: Customer behavior in services. Chapter 1: Introduction to services A useful way to distinguish between goods and services is to place them on a continuum from.

About the Marketing of Services Notes/Ebook. BBA|mantra`s Marketing of Services Notes/E-book will serve as concise textbook for BBA/BBM/BMS/MBA and other management students and will provide a brief knowledge on various concepts of Marketing of Services.

MARKETING LECTURE NOTES Dimitris Drosos Lecturer Technological Education Institute of Piraeus Business School Management Information System & New ADVANTAGES OF E - MARKETING Selling goods and services online.

Additional customer service. Saving overhead costs. Exciting and sizzling means of visual impact.

Marketing of services lecture notes
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