Marketing concepts marks and spencers

Though, this opposite approach to the first suggestion would then alienate the huge percentage of older female customers. Per Una always have a monthly clearance sale so they can make room for new stock and trend.

This is a fundamental flaw. The origins of the primary designs are derived from the Italian catwalks, thus Per Una have gained a perceived competitive edge regarding the level of fashion for the consumer.

Innes, J, Per Una advertising The report has identified a small promotional film shot in Venice, displayed behind cash desk to entertain shoppers.

Marks & Spencer

These people are hard to please and are always looking for the most competitive prices. All the products can be bought in local currency while purchasing online. Per Una produced the leather dress which has become a must have item this season.

Per Una was targeting an age group of year old but sadly the majority of shoppers are year olds. Comparison customers are characterized by their tendency to shop around and analyze the competitors.

This positioning exposes them to a hugely increased percentage of the market, with petite ranges, evening wear ranges, extra leg length ranges etc. Price Per Una follows a relative pricing strategy keeping most products priced around the same margins.

The team believes the concept for the video originated from their Italian roots. Per Una strictly adheres to its high quality standards. They want to attract middle class people so the prices are perfect for them. Many of the designs have the hint of catwalk trends yet seem to cool down so that they appear as safer options for the consumer.

Per Una has combined the metallic trend with the trench coat to produce a garment that satisfies both trends. The company also provides pension benefits, life insurance scheme, share buy, health insurance schemes to its employees.

Tell us what you need to have done now! In addition to this, include advertising over both young and older women modeling Per Una together, so that both type of customer base can be satisfied.

Marketing Concepts – Marks and Spencers

Within each section there are separate sub sections for women, men and kids. The company follows a competitive payment policy to retain its employees. Finally, Per Una could try and change the shape and fit of some of their clothes to appeal to younger women. The company uses its own website to promote its brand, clothes for women, men and kids.

At the moment Per Una have a special offer online at 3 for 2. Other collection of Per Una which is funky, concentrates on denims and tee-shirts starts from? The use of velvet does not enhance but hinder the designs.

Marks & Spencer Marketing Mix

Therefore this is unlikely to be a successful change to the company. Per Una controls every aspect of the supply chain including presentation and branding within the store. The change in layout from original to boutique was undertaken to attract a younger customer through recognition of the boutique shopping trend.

These things also act as the physical evidence. The dramatic floor length gown has not been produced and even though many of the dresses are in the right fabrics and colours only a small minority of the collection oozes catwalk glamour. Posted in Services, Total Reads: Not only does this restrict the staff from moving forward on what can be done to improve the company, but it also means that particular customers, for example the younger target customer base, are reluctant to shop there as they assume Per Una is for the older women.Marketing development = marketing existing products in NEW markets and segments.

Such a strategy has been employed by Per Una – building on the popularity of the established name of Marks & Spencer and George David, and building on the popularity of their staple products, (jeans, underwear.

Marketing Concept M n S Case Study - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.5/5(1). Marketing Mix of Marks & Spencer analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion).

Marks & Spencer marketing mix explains the business & marketing strategies of the brand. It also consists of Service Mix (Process, People, Physical Evidence).

Free Essay: Introduction Per Una believe they “deliver high quality style for the modern woman.” This objective drives the company resulting in a turnover of. Marketing processes of marks and spencer. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: The aim of this report is to apply the important marketing concepts on M&S that is the British retailer operating for last two centuries having a years heritage.

Marks and Spencer is considered to be UK top retailers with having competition from Wall-Mart. Marketing Concepts - Marks and Spencers Words | 15 Pages. Introduction Per Una believe they “deliver high quality style for the modern woman.” This objective drives the company resulting in a turnover of more than £ million in / Per Una was detrimental to the revival of Marks and Spencer and it accounted for one quarter.

Marketing concepts marks and spencers
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