Literature is at bottom a criticism of life essay

In other words Arnold wanted to use poetry for making man good.

This ideal is to present life in such a way that it may illumine us and inspire us. The best poetry, he said, is a criticism of life under the conditions fixed for such a criticism by the laws of poetic truth and poetic beauty.

As we understand Mathew Arnold had a broad conception of criticism including religion, culture and education as well as poetry. It must have a high deal.

The author of any literary piece is expected to be man of high personal experience with all his mental and intellectual faculties highly developed by means of his vast reading and deep thinking.

Criticism also means how a creative artist reacts to his experiences and gives expression to his ideal attitude to those experiences.

According to Arnold, poetry is not however, merely as intellectual exercise, it is subject to the laws of poetic truth and poetic beauty. He means that poetry is an interpretational life as the poet experiences it and knows it bringing into play his intellect and mind matured by experience and reading.

The moral is used in its widest sense. Arnold is of the opinion that the qualities of high type of poetry can be found in its matter and substance and in its manner and style. Arnold declares that, moral, should not be interpreted in a narrow sense.

Much of religion and philosophy may be replaced by poetry.

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We understand what Arnold means by the phrase. Arnold believes that the highest type of poetry should deal with moral ideas not so much in its didactic character. The ideas he wanted to apply were moral ideas. As if poetry is a criticism of life, the laws, fixed by the poetic the poetic truth and poetic beauty, insist on one condition.

He clearly stated this aim and tied to conform to his aim. The very question, how to live, is according to Arnold a moral idea. Arnold had a very high conception of poetry.

From Milton he quotes the famous line: His greatness lies in the fact that he had a definite aim in writing poetry.

It means a code of behavior or a system of thought.Sep 10,  · Matthew Arnold said that literature is "at bottom, a criticism of life." What does that mean in other words?

Arnold has used the phrase "at bottom" implying not a cursory glance but a detailed and in-depth understanding of life. And life is a blending of good and bad, fair and unfair and an author in order to show the real image Status: Resolved.

Literature: A Criticism of Life Literature does not simply add to reality, but describes it. Matthew Arnold’s statement about literature being a “ criticism of life ” is right because literature teaches it talks about problems that the world faces daily, good moral lessons through criticism, and it shows the author commentary on things.

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Matthew Arnold Critical Essays

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When he becomes a little more particular in his definitions and says that “the end and aim of all literature” is “a criticism of life,” 17 and, again, that “poetry is, at bottom, a criticism of life,” 18 he provokes a debate which, at one time, was pursued with considerable spirit and some acerbity—especially, as Sir Leslie.

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Literature is at bottom a criticism of life essay
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