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Participants will demonstrate the following skills through successful completion of all required coursework and assignments: Course Books Required textbooks for this course: June Decriminalization of Narcotics This report provides a review of laws adopted in 16 countries with regard to legalization, decriminalization, or other forms of regulation of narcotics and other psychoactive substances.

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Legal Studies - HSC

Tap into our nationwide network of alumni for internship and career opportunities Simple application process. The course is an introduction to basic social science research methods applied to contemporary issues in the field of criminal justice.

Course Objectives The course begins with an overview of divorce law and reviews important aspects to consider in property division, alimony, custody and support in a divorce. All lesson objectives, assignments, and tests can be found in the Lesson Materials. Other aspects of family law are studied also, including common law marriage, prenuptial agreements, annulments, civil unions, adoptions, paternity and neglect actions.

Culture, norm stratification, systems, structure, social institutions, social change, the organization of social behavior and its relationship to society and social conditions are emphasized.

Each is worth 30 points. Supporters for marriage equality argue that in an increasingly agnostic society, marriage is less about religion and more about the legal protection it affords, meaning that Australia is not responding to its international duties.

Family law is the body of law pertaining to marriage and matrimonial issues. The effectiveness of this legislation, however, can be adversely affected when a parent manifestly fails in their responsibility to their children whilst the child is under their care, as there is a high cost associated with running government bodies designed to handle such cases.

As a private, nonprofit university, SNHU has one mission — to help you see yourself succeed. Opponents, however, argue that the covenant is not legally binding on Australia; therefore there is no need to enshrine marriage equality into law.

View Available Courses About This Course Family law pertains to the formation and dissolution of domestic relations, including the law of marriage, annulment, separation and dissolution, maintenance, and custody and support of children.

The obligation to take responsibility for the care and financial support of a child is considered to be one that should be met by both parents, and this legislation codifies this belief into law.

You will complete two exams. Transfer up to 90 credits toward an undergraduate degree Career Outlook Graduates with a BS in Criminal Justice online degree can start or advance careers in human services, child and family services, victim rights, parole and probation officers, and court officials.

Technology has and continues to evolve at an exponential rate; however laws governing the use of such technologies in some areas are failing to keep pace.

In recent years, employers have stressed the need for graduates with higher order skills - the skills that go beyond technical knowledge - such as: It provides for an in-depth understanding and application of ethical decision-making processes at all levels of the criminal justice organization.

In some countries, the additional right to have these things explained in a language the detainee understands is explicitly stated.

Learn from instructors with relevant, real-world experience Networking. The legal recognition of same-sex relationships in Australia has evolved dramatically since the s to a point where most jurisdictions provide same-sex couples with the same rights and obligations as heterosexual de facto couples.

Legal Document Preparation Assignments: After the first Thursday of class, no refunds will be issued.

Current Legal Topics

You will prepare two legal document assignments. Sexual Violence Against Women Violence against women has been a significant social and legal problem in Egypt for decades.

This is because signatory nations may choose not to implement all terms of the covenant into their domestic law. June ; June Egypt: In addition, the scope of evidence that must be disclosed in trials was expanded, and new measures to protect witnesses and victims were introduced.

The two main legislative instruments protecting women from sexual violence are the Egyptian Constitution of and the Criminal Code of and its amendments. Each is worth 50 points. Again, it was a band 6! Furthermore, the Adoption Amendment Same-Sex Couples Bill, which was passed in the NSW parliament inhas made it easier for homosexual people to start a family through employing a surrogate, as both parties can apply to adopt the child of the biological parent.

The warnings specified in the surveyed jurisdictions vary, but typically include the right to remain silent and the right to legal counsel.

HSC Legal Studies: Family Law Essay

May Miranda Warning Equivalents Abroad This report contains short summaries describing warnings similar to the Miranda warning that are required in jurisdictions around the globe. A status update is provided discussing the current status of the charges, investigations, and trials.

Gambling in Great Britain is permitted and regulated by the Gambling Act The Colleges of Law offers flexible Masters of Legal Studies online and in person. Our online Masters of Legal Studies (M.L.S.) program is designed for those who work—or aspire to work—in fields that routinely intersect with law, such as business, education, healthcare, human resources, and law enforcement.

Department of Children. Current Legal Topics.

Family Law

Research & Reports | Guide to Law Online | Legal Research Guides | Legal to handle requests submitted by unaccompanied minors in conformity with the principle of the best interests of the child.

EU asylum law applies to unaccompanied children from the time they arrive at the EU borders, and minors are. Learn legal studies with free interactive flashcards. Choose from different sets of legal studies flashcards on Quizlet. Always start your research with the 'Begin your Preliminary and HSC legal studies research' tab.

Here you'll find resources to help you to develop an understanding about your topic. Explore the other tabs to dive deeper into your topic. The law is constantly changing and finding current information is vital. Hi CLS Students: The next online session begins Monday, June 25, Course access information will be sent via email after p.m.

Mountain time on June 23, Evaluate the effectiveness of the legal system in addressing the issue of protecting children from abuse The main function of family law is .

Legal studies children and the
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