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A hall in the castle Arturo arrives for the marriage. Act 2[ edit ] Scene 1: Most sopranos, however, add ornamentation to demonstrate their technical ability, as was the tradition in the bel canto period.

The biggest surprise was Joseph Calleja as Edgardo. Lammermoor dessay all sopranos append cadenzas to the end of the "mad scene", sometimes ending them on a high keynote E-flat or F, depending on the key in which they are singing, though Mado Robin takes an even higher B-flat [12].

So overall, a very solid Lucia but for me as much I do like Dessay this is not her finest hour. Throwing in a hair-raising scream along the way, she plays on vocal fragility as a metaphor for psychological imbalance.

Performed by Francis J.

Natalie Dessay

Ludovic Tezier with his rich voice and powerful acting makes for a scheming yet also sympathetic Enrico. Edgardo agrees to fight him.

She handles the tragedy very well and makes the Mad scene as vivid as she possibly can. She withdrew from the stage and underwent surgery on one of her vocal cords in July Normanno, captain of the castle guard, and other retainers are searching for an intruder.

During the — season in Vienna, she began to experience vocal difficulties and had to be replaced in almost all of the performances of La sonnambula. This involves the addition and interpolation of trillsmordentsturns, runs and cadenzas. Please help by adding reliable sources. She appeared in two new productions during the —08 season at the Met: He shows his sister a forged letter seemingly proving that Edgardo has forgotten her and taken a new lover.

She probably spends more time prostrate than most of her predecessors and at one startling moment rolls stuntwoman-like down the bottom treads of an elongated staircase that set designer Daniel Ostling has made a towering feature.

Enrico worries about whether Lucia will really submit to the wedding. In Decembershe was asked to replace Cheryl Studer in one of the three female roles in a production of Hoffmann at the Vienna State Opera. And need I mention how superb he was in his final scene?

Enrico reaffirms his hatred for the Ravenswood family and his determination to end the relationship. Some sopranos, including Maria Callashave performed the scene in a come scritto "as written" fashion, adding minimal ornamentation to their interpretations.

In a blood-stained wedding gown and rending a veil, Dessay is a wraith tossed by cruel winds. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The costumes and sets are suitably sumptuous, helped by the atmospheric lighting and skilled camera work.Lucia di Lammermoor Natalie Dessay gives a memorable performance in director Mary Zimmerman's new production of Donizetti's classic opera.

Lucia di Lammermoor is a dramma tragico (tragic opera) in three acts by Gaetano Donizetti. The French version is performed far less frequently than the Italian, but it was revived to great acclaim by Natalie Dessay and Roberto Alagna at.

Oct 22,  · A reprise of 's production with cast changes, including Natalie Dessay and Joseph Calleja.

Donizetti: Lucia di Lammermoor

The famous Mad Scene is orchestrated with a glass harmonica per Donizetti's original score, and not a flute, which is more commonly used today/10(15).

Donizetti's Lucie de Lammermoor Patrice Caurier, Moshe Leiser (stage directors) – Evelino Pidò (music director) – With Natalie Dessay (Lucie) and Ludovic Tézier (Henri Asthon) Gaetano Donizetti's tragic masterwork Lucie de Lammermoor (French version) is performed at the Lyon Opera House in.

5 things to know about Lucia di Lammermoor 1° A «gothic» opera. Lucia di Lammermoor by Gaetano Donizetti is an opera seria in three acts. This bel canto piece marked the birth of the Italian Romantic Movement. The storyline of this opera is based on Walter Scott’s novel, The Bride of Lammermoor, written in Donizetti changed only a few of the.

The tragic tale of "the bride of Lammermoor" has always been a favorite of opera-goers and sopranos alike. Yet with the riveting singing actress Natalie Dessay in the title role, Lucia's plight and descent into madness take on another dimension.

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