Essay on war and peace

Sometimes the war is the necessary evil and only the process of solving disputes, but in reality, it can become a long argument because of some person, who does not maintain the peaceful manner. Better than being a good Christian, Sikh or Hindu is being a wonderful human who looks forward to world peace by eliminating the boundaries of criticism and narcissism between various nations.

Wars in history Inthe first battle starts and ends with the establishment of the League of Nations. Thank those who stayed with you as they made you feel how important you are. With the powerful feelings of forgiveness and gratitude will germinate the seeds of peace.

Children and women rendered unassisted, and the vanquished have still many more calamitous after effects to suffer.

Do not let your mind be controlled by self-centredness. Once the world starts believes that war is the unnecessary thing and decide to abolish the war ultimately, they will certainly find a way for peaceful co-existence.

War causes streams of blood and untold havoc. Alexander the Great, was a great conqueror and conquered countries after countries; the Romans spread their empire on large tracts of land; Tamurlaine got the renown of having ravaged countries after countries to bring under his sway; Mahmud Ghazni, attacked India seventeen times only to carry cart and camel loads of treasures and wealth; Ashok fought a bloody battle in Kalinga; Akbar was faced with the relentless encounters with Rana Pratap.

Overlooking the repercussions of these most unforgettable mistakes ever made by humankind in order to propagate peace, our power of love has got completely replaced by our love for power.

It destroys the sensibility of the human nature and arouses hatred and jealousies. It was the World War II, which brought about the horrors of devastation. The World War II brought about the horrors of devastation in the form of the dropping of the atom bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima turning the towns into filthy rubble and rendering men, women and children either dead or maimed for life.

This has ever been the claim of all wars. One power is the victor and other the vanquished. Meaning of life Peace. The people began focusing their attention on the need for the protection of human rights of all, protection of environment and securing of a real and meaningful international integration.

Definition of peace Peace is the great solution to everything. In fact, till today there have been present several hindrances in way of securing a stable, healthy and enduring peace. Let our true literacy replace the castle of wars and sorrow by the fortress of peace and harmony.

Peaceful manner is universal in nature.

Essay on War and Peace

Humankind sees the worst nature of human during the war. It is only some territories and lands, which declared that who are won and lost in the battle. However several negative factors, ethnic conflict, ethnic violence, ethnic wars, terrorism in its several dimensions, neo-colonialism, hegemony n-hegemony and the like kept on acting as big hindrances.

I love helping Aspirants. Causes of the war can bring many difficulties into the life. What are more valuable and lasting — the victories of war or the victories of peace?

Ashoka fought the bloody battle of Kalinga. The overall loss in the sphere of human nature is far greater than the overall gain. They become unassisted in their life. The cold war that kept the world preoccupied duringindirectly secured this objective in a negative way by developing a balance of terror in international relations.

You may join me on Facebook Related Post. In all individuals, many warriors also included. The defense preparedness is costing India very dear; but there is no escape so long as war clouds hover over the horizons of the Himalayan border. Everyone should follow the order manner.

Mankind sees the worst of human nature during a war-except some heroism and some exceptional valour on the part of some soldiers. It is greater than war because war can harm to each other, but peace never creates any harm for anyone.The peace is that manner, where no any possibility of war or fight by people.

If the world starts following order way, then no any war can take place in the mind of individuals. Once the world starts believes that war is the unnecessary thing and decide to abolish the war ultimately, they will certainly find a way for peaceful co-existence.

Essay on Peace: Need and Importance of Peace

War is Hell, War is Peace - War is Necessary Essay Words | 4 Pages War is controversial, unfortunate, and certainly misunderstood; it is a transforming agent, a catalyst for change. Eternal Peace is a dream and not even a beautiful dream, and war is a part of God’s World Order – Essay Words Essay on Atoms in Peace and War Words Essay on the Partition of India.

ADVERTISEMENTS: Essay on Peace: Need and Importance of Peace! The issue of war and peace has always been a focal issue in all periods of history and at all levels relations among nations. The concern of the humankind for peace can be assessed by taking into account the fact that all religions, all religious scriptures [ ].

War creates peace.

War and Peace | Short Paragraph Essay on War and Peace for Students and Children

That's what many people of the United States think. In order for us, as a nation, to rid our selves from violence and war we need to set the example by not going to war.

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Essay on war and peace
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