Essay on the strengths and weaknesses of the articles of confederation

Any amendments in this document could only be made by the Congress consent with the approval by all the States.

Why was the central government weak under the Articles of Confederation?

The differences between the States to determine rivers and bays frontiers seemed to be unavoidable. The Northwest decree was a valuable achievement of the Articles. There was also no chief executive. In spite of the fact that Congress had power to regulate the American currency, the Articles did not provide for a common currency in all states.

The first weakness was the fact that the Congress had no power to regulate trade, second was lack of uniformity in currency system, and third was that central government had no authority to carry out taxation.

It could not effectively collect taxes to pay war debts. This made it difficult for our government to deal with issues we had with other countries or with issues within our own country. It is obvious, that The Articles of Confederation had many weak and strong points.

The second sub-category under deficit in central leadership is lack of head of foreign affairs. Two laws that represent significant achievements of the Articles of Confederation were the Land Ordinance of and the Northwest Ordinance of There was no judicial or executive branches for the national government.

Works Cited Armitage, D. Each state had the ability to control its own affairs as necessary. This decree was passed in and permitted the settlement of the north of the Ohio River area and east of the Mississippi River. The first category of the weaknesses of these Articles is economic disorganization.

However, these Articles lasted for a short time because of their increased inefficiency and limitation of power that curtailed the smooth operation of the government. The Articles allocated the large part of the authority to the States governments.

It was the weaknesses that eventually led to a movement to replace this plan of government. Amendment only with consent of all States. The document claimed the liberty of movement in any of the states.

Though the original structure of government was only in place for less than a decade, it served as the framework and basis for structure in place in present times.

Finally, the nation, which was sunder debt from the war, could not tax the thirteen colonies. It could not directly tax any commerce, or regulate trade, and did not have a provision for a national army. The Founding Fathers facilitated the distribution of sovereignty because colonists worried about the strength of national governments and thus did not involve themselves in the process.

The Congress of States had to serve as the highest court for overcome differences between States. With some delegates often being absent, one or two states were often capable of defeating the important legislative offers. Because of reliance on the states for provision of troops, the central government was incapable of instituting quick response to internal as well as external threats.

States were only unable to create foreign treaties. The plan of government created by the Articles of Confederation had strengths and weaknesses.

Articles Of Confederation Strengths And Weaknesses History Essay

The absence of a single and steady currency also hindered the trade among the states, as well as with different countries. Another advantage is that the states, while still subordinate to Congress or similar entityare allowed to create their own laws and govern themselves, to a degree.

The necessity for income paying was widely recognized. There lacked a president and a representative who could oversee foreign affairs.- Articles of Confederation vs.

Constitution The Articles of Confederation and the Constitution, although vastly different in their philosophies of governing the nation, both played a big role in setting the stage for America’s economy.

While the Articles of Confederation had several weaknesses, three notable issues include Congress' lack of power to tax, no national court system and each state only had a single vote in Congress, regardless of size.

The Articles of Confederation were the original Constitution of the United States. Strengths and Weaknesses: Articles of Confederation The Articles of Confederation was the first written constitution of the United States. With backlash from nine out of thirteen states, the Articles of Confederation were unable to seek approval by.

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What Are the Three Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation?

Strengths and Weakness of the Articles of Confederation The Constitution of the United States of America was framed in part by The Articles of Confederation.

The Articles could be considered to be a precursor to The Constitution, and in fact it was. Despite their differences, they also have a lot of similarities.

The Articles of Confederation can be referred to as the first ‘constitution’ of the United States and set out how the Federal government was to run, including implementation of United States of America, as a certified name for the new nation.

Essay on the strengths and weaknesses of the articles of confederation
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