Essay on pakistan independence day in urdu

There is conclusive evidence that systematic corruption exacts a heavy price from development activities by reducing investment, increasing capital costs, and increasing the time business executives need to spend negotiating. This indicates the need for institutional reforms, capacity building, and involvement of the people and grassroot level non-government agencies in the formulation and implementation of development projects and programmes.

In the past, sustainability of the assets created has received much less attention in the planning process. Strengthening these systems would require significant commitment and resources.

Following devolution, the main responsibility for data collection and quality for water and sanitation fails under the district and the province and there is no administrative system that reports on the overall number, quality, and location of sanitation and water utilities. A review of statistical practices would be conducted in consultation with users, covering presentation of statistics, availability of source and methodology information, and release procedures.

Overcome weaknesses in project and programme design and implementation by strengthening PC-I to PC-V documents, making these more outcomes focused. Addressing key gaps, including the quality and coverage of management information systems, gender monitoring and analysis, and district and subdistrict data.

The government should focus on the following areas: The government plans to establish a National Executive Service for economic ministries and divisions, social sector ministries and organizations, provincial and district governments, and regulatory ministries and organizations, The issues being addressed include compensation, linking compensation with Essay on pakistan independence day in urdu and performance, review in pay scales, and reforms in the area of performance evaluation.

Such a system helps realign resources in line with the priorities, helps development of specific programmes and activities in line with the overall government objectives, helps government make explicit choices and trade-offs between objectives and policy options, by assessing the effectiveness and costs of the various choices; builds capacity to report on outcomes, and enables managers to take decisions based on performance to improve the impact of the programmes.

At the provincial level, this responsibility lies. To achieve this objective, a five-year programme has been launched during There is a need for a major effort to be envisaged in the area of public capacity building to produce a competent, accessible and motivated civil service which is transparent, accountable and responsive to the changing socio-economic needs of the people, particularly the poor.

Better data is needed to provide the basis to develop well-informed policies, which facilitate broad-based equitable growth and poverty reduction. Develop effective working relationships with taxpayers and other government departments that contribute to increased compliance and improved service.

Finally, information flows are weak, which do not link data with policy makers, planners and other stakeholders. The objective is to produce a civil service which is sensitized to the needs of people, responsive to the demands of changing socio-economic environment, well trained for innovative decision making and policy formulation, geared towards development of strategic and tactical vision in specialized fields, and prepared to face the future challenges.

However, due to the success of worldwide tax reforms, the direction of tax policy and administration in the country also changed from narrow to a liberal approach.

Strengthening the Statistics Division, which is responsible for collecting, disseminating, and coordinating data in the country. Preparing a ready reference of financial control and regulation.

A Brief Essay on Independence Day of Pakistan in English

The focus is on inputs and outputs rather than outcomes. Salient features of this initiative include the following: Poor public management stems in part from low levels of human resource development and weak institutions. Harmonization and integration between the different sources of data on key indicators.

Improving the timeliness of dissemination and presentation of statistical data. Improving and institutionalizing the monitoring system on key indicators. The following measures are planned to improve timeliness and dissemination. As a result, cost and time over-runs are inevitable as limited available funds are thinly spread across a large number of projects.

Increase the revenue net and collection and eliminate revenue leakage. Most social sector surveys are only representative at the federal and province level despite the main responsibilities for decision-making now being with the district.

Download Past experience has shown that many development projects and programmes, having laudable objectives, have failed to deliver the results because of the inadequacies in design and implementation. It is proposed to focus on the re-engineering of procedures and rules which are in fact the core of any effective programme of E-governance.

Download Electronic — governance e-governance is fast emerging as an important tool for achieving good governance especially with regard to improving efficiency, transparency and making interface with government user friendly. On the other hand, there has been a trend towards acquiring capital assets in increasing quantities, without regard to sustainability aspects.

Design and deliver fair, responsible and effective enforcement mechanisms in a way that directly responds to changes in the environment.

Reviewing procedures for submission, examination and approval of projects Enhancing capacity for contract management, including transparency in contract documents, greater professionalism and adequate delegation of authority Simplification of procedures for acquisition of land.

Several initiatives can assist in making progress against corruption. Ensuring adequate and timely release of funds.Pakistan Independence Day 14 th August, Speech (Taqreer) in Urdu and English for teachers, children, families, friends and students can free download Urdu debates for the function celebration of this beautiful day is called the freedom day of our country Pakistan.

The independence 14 august, is important day for all the Pakistan Citizen. Every one celebrate on this event including home celebration, air force independence celebration specially students and teachers conduct the independence functions in schools.

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“Independence Day Of Pakistan Speech & Essay” Pakistan came into the existence on the 14 th August, ; and this was the day when history was being written.

Independence day essays in urdu | Essay on 14 august in urdu for childs o kids: Independence day is very important day in the history of pakistan. It is celebrated on 14th of august in each year with great enthusiasm and passion.

Independence day 14 august essay in urdu. 14 August fb dp pics,status,quotes Independence day has the greatest importance in the life of the a bird not happy in the cage because bird also wants freedom as the human also want to get the he have the blessing of the independence then pleasant winds blow .

Essay on pakistan independence day in urdu
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