End of white america 2 essay

With all these immigrants coming to the United States it is making us the majority race, and with all the white people moving away they are giving us the opportunity to overpopulate and put the standards high for whites to accommodate to our lifestyles.

Part of what I always suspect comes out of articles like this, is the affirmation from some that a browner America should also mean minorities can finally stop complaining about inequalities. Obama and the Beloved Community: Are We There Yet?. There are bound to be increased tensions and cultural backlashes for decades to come.

I believe that our world is becoming a Hispanic or Latin community, because many are immigrating into the United States looking for a better life in a world that was known as a white and rich community. It has not yet arrived but it is safe to say that one day, it will come to America and this is the little bit of something that people must hold on to.

Does this mean that society has gotten completely over racial discrimination or does it simply mean that race is not significant in identifying ones self ? Diddy may get his home in the Hamptons but his music can still get hauled in front of congress or vilified for every ill of urban and suburban America.

But the sharpest tone of the piece comes in his thread between the fictional character Tom Buchanan, from The Great Gatsby, to modern day confrontationalists like Pat Buchanan. Writer Hua Hsu who, I can proudly say, spent some time in the pages of my magazine URB back in the day touches on several of the major components of the racial recalibration going on in America.

Young, gifted and black still equals black. The most classic example would be Barack Obama but then he went on further in the article by posing a question if anybody will try to preserve White America.

The Atlantic itself represents white hegemony, maybe not through any overt force, but in its default setting. Retrieved May 27, from http: That group points to regions like California, which leads the nation in diversity, but is also a state that struggles with a crumbling infrastructure and the perceived societal stresses of a dramatically diversifying population.

And in modern times, only in America has the shift towards integration been so rapid. Though as evidenced by the swift but still too token tinting of cable news over the past year, the rise of ethnic voices is a very noticeable plus in the so-called Obama generation. Also, Interracial marriages and couples are bringing a different variety of skin color with their children, our world is not only focused on white with white and black with black, therefore; children are more likely to come out with colored skin.

The End of White America

If United States is already in a post-racial state, everybody would welcome everybody regardless of the race. You had to dress and speak like whites, you had to also go to the same schools, the same churches, the same groceries stores. If that day does come when whites become minorities, then I sure hope they get the thrive to come up again because i believe that for a country to be successful it needs all types of cultures, races and ethnicity.

I do not think that whites will become a minority because as i stated before, we all have a time when a race is higher than others and when some are lower than others.

Back in the twenties if you immigrated into the United States and wanted to be considered white or American, you had to blend in and follow the lifestyles and traditions that whites had. The fact that a man of color is the most powerful man in America today may not mean post-racism but this definitely is a start.

It is going to take a lot more than a Black man in the White House to end racism; this is not a one-man job but a task for everyone. Especially since the vast majority of people that inspired me to believe in Obama were not black. When before many of the popular music groups were white, such as; Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys.

It was a bridge, and we crossed it. The MSNBC commentator is known to utter what some of the lighter hue think to themselves, that brown means down. It states that nowadays being white is not the greatest thing or the best thing to be proud of, because they are becoming underpopulated.

In fact, just as many Asian, white and "other" friends of mine saw the landmark ascendancy of a brown faced man to the most powerful job in the world as a shattering of the constrictive racial shackles of this country.

My View of The Atlantic's

Whatever the end of white America eventually means will continue to spawn debate. Regardless, for whites and non, none of this eventuality should seem scary.Feb 19,  · In the passage “The End of White America” by Hua Hsu explains how in the past recent years there has been signs of minority population growth dramatically increasing over the white population, and how this.

The End of White America? ILLUSTRATIONS BY FELIX SOCKWELL "CIVILIZATION’S GOING TO PIECES,” he rem arks. He is in polite com pany, gathered w ith friends around a bottle of w ine in the late-afternoon sun, chatting and gossiping.

“I’v e. This moment was not the end of white America; it was not the end of anything. It was a bridge, and we crossed killarney10mile.com problem of the 20th century, W.

E. B. DuBois famously predicted, would be the. The End of White America Hua Hsu is the author of “The End of White America’” and also teaches in the English Department at Vassar College. He’s known for writing about music, sports and culture. It concluded: "As a purely demographic matter 'white America' may cease to exist inoror later still.

But where the culture is. The Atlantic 's "The End of White America?" won't be the last time the changing demographic tone of the U.S. is given front cover status. But with the historic events of next week on our mind, its.

End of white america 2 essay
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