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Principally, these included fishing and whaling, lumbar and furs. There experienced a higher level of independence from Britain during their development. This expansion of cities in the New England colonies led to the founding of primary and secondary schools for education. There were many intentions behind the settling of the colonies of British North America, but at the bottom of most was a desire to make money.

There was a more diverse population which encouraged more intercommunity trading.

Although the geography was not easy, there were many natural resources to be developed and returned to England. Harvard College in Massachusetts was founded eighty-six years before the first college in Virginia. The New England colonies and the Southern colonies had many common characteristics but these two regions were very different geographically, politically, and socially.

As these colonies began to grow there became a need for a government and the two regions approached this in different ways.

A large difference between New England and the Southern colonies is that when people moved to the New England regions many of them came in communities and families. The geography was rocky, hilly and densely populated forests.

Their locale also enabled merchants to manage wholesale industries, taking raw materials and shipping back to Europe and getting European products and selling up and down the seaboard. Their natural resources included timber, fur, and their crops. In New England, however, because of the lack of need for labor there were very few black slaves and everyone was relatively equal.

The amount of wealth was finite and for them to increase meant another country had to decrease. This allowed more trade and craftsman. Because of the interdependency of the community, and they were settled by religiously strict sects, community order and social structure were paramount.

The growing season was longer and lent itself to crops such as wheat. So with this in mind, Great Britain began to develop colonies in what would later become the United States.

They generally established and retained local governmental control. There were also craftsman and tradesman, and some servants. The Southern colonies were very hot while New England was cooler; the hot weather made life in the south much harsher and the death expectancy was ten years shorter than that of New England.

They both started out with the majority of people being from England, they were both in the New World, and they were both ruled by England but, as time went on this theory was proven wrong.

Such things as trade, lumber and fishing were the primary source of income. These two very different social structures developed the character of the regions. This idea was that the country, not the individual, was the principal actor in the economy.

In the South, the few and spread out cities led to a slow development of schools and many children had tutors instead of attending school. At the top of this four part structure were the plantation owners, after which were the middle class farmers, second to last were the indentured servants who were people who worked their way in America to pay for their passage, and at the very bottom of the social ladder were the black slaves.PLACE 1: •The American Revolution took place in the original thirteen colonies in North America; these colonies were once a part of the country England and were ruled by King George III.

This revolution did not take place in the country that ruled it.

Compare and Contrast Northern and Southern Colonies

American History Essays: Compare and Contrast the Regional Difference in the Colonial Economy of British North America Between and /5(1). Comparing and Contrasting the Colonial Regions Established in British North America British North America by the mid ’s consisted of three major regions.

The New England region included the colonies of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. American Colonies, The Settling of North America. New York, NY: Penguin Books, "THE CULTURES OF COLONIAL NORTH AMERICA, —" n.d.

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Both the New England colonies and the Southern colonies seemed as though they might be the same. They both started /5(1). Compare and contrast the New England, the Chesapeake/Southern and Middle colonies. The New England region consists of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

The Southern region consists of Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Maryland.

Comparing the north american colonies essay
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