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We were meant to stay in a stone house in Diura, but due to the delay from our trip back to Batan, it was too late to arrange lodgings there. Tukun is the site of the northernmost Philippine weather station PAG-ASA in the country where the province is used as the last reference point of any tropical weather disturbance thus unfairly associating the province with perpetual bad weather.

Going even further off the beaten track, there is the sinkhole which works as a giant drain in Itbayat called Manoyok which is believed to be haunted. The way I felt us moving through the waves felt like we were actually surfing the waves I could hear similar rushing sounds one would hear while surfing as the boat moved forward and weaved its way through the roaring waves and eventually my suspicions were confirmed by the boatmen themselves.

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The ancient Ivatans who are Austronesian in origin lived on these idjangs since they first migrated into Batanes about 4, years ago during the Neolithic Period. We went with BCTA on this Cogon sip, and it was a very pleasant one and we were taken care of by their wonderful staff in Manila and their experienced Ivatan tour guides in Batanes.

When traveling to Batanes however, you must have a very flexible schedule as flights and boat trips can get canceled at the last minute.

The entire province was declared as a protected landscape and seascape by the Philippine government in Share stories with Lola at the House of Dakay.

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Limestone technology was introduced to the islands by the Spaniards and is still pretty much evident among the Old Spanish Bridges in Mahatao Cogon sip Ivana as well as the iconic vernacular houses made out of limestone, stones, corals and a thatched roof which dot the three inhabited islands.

The idjang in Savidug on Sabtang Island is considered to be one of the most perfectly shaped and the most beautiful among all the Batanes idjangs. With the windows left open to let the cool ocean air in, we slept quite soundly under a blanket.

Good thing we showed her the photo that we took of ourselves with her. Trust, honesty and community spirit are the operative words here. Ruins of Sungsung Photo by Noli Gabilo One would also find the remains of what used to be a vibrant village in the town of Uyugan, the Ruins of Sungsung, a group of destroyed lime and stone houses a few meters from the beach as it is called, are what is left after the village was wiped out in a tidal wave in Domingo Cathedral in Basco the oldest built in early 18th centurySta.

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The roof made out of cogon as is customary in traditional houses in Batanes is changed every 30 years. Walking through the tiny villages of traditional stone houses and quiet narrow streets of Savidug and Chavayan on Sabtang felt like being transported to another world Cogon sip where time just stood still.

Introduction Oil used in cooking foods is commonly derived from vegetables. There is also Kumayasakas Cave and water source, an underground stream in the northwest of Itbayat and the Rakuh-a-idi Springs also known as the Spring of Youth on Batan Island.Taming the wind and the waters in the northernmost Philippine frontier, the relatively isolated islands of the Batanes, the home of the resilient and welcoming Ivatans, with its rolling hills, subtropical climate, ancient cultures, windswept traditional stone houses and breathtaking landscapes and seascapes which perhaps make it one of the prettiest.

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