Behind the formeldyhyde curtain

Speaking of fears entertained in early days of premature burial, he points out, "One of the effects of embalming by chemical injection, Behind the formeldyhyde curtain, has been to dispel fears of live burial.

Summary of Main ideas. All others, except apprentices, are excluded by law from the preparation room. Swollen necks and cheeks are reduced by removing tissue through vertical incisions made down each side of the neck.

There will be other opportunities throughout the semester to recover the lost points. The author of the essay is opposed to what is done to human body after death. It is necessary to remove the blood, and doing this not only helps in the disinfecting, but removes the principal cause of disfigurements due to discoloration.

She criticizes the whole process untypically, in a shocking sobriety but with scientific rationalism Mitford, Cream-based cosmetic, available in pink, flesh, suntan, brunette, and blond, is applied to his hands and face, his hair is shampooed and combed and, in the case of Mrs.

Positioning the lips is a problem that recurrently challenges the ingenuity of the embalmer. Here he will hold open house for a few days, visiting hours 10 A.

Simple, dignified, beautiful, reverent!

Masking pastes and cosmetics are heavily laid on, burial garments and casket interiors color-correlated with particular care, and Jones is displayed beneath rose-colored lights.

But not for long - there is more, much more, in store for him. A textbook, The Principles and Practices of Embalming, comments on this: The author also carries out an analysis of attitude of the American society toward death as well as their funeral practices.

What Is Jessica Mitford's

In this procedure the backs of the hands and fingers and the under-chin area should not be neglected. In an era when huge television audiences watch surgical operations in the comfort of their living rooms, when, thanks to the animated cartoon, the geography of the digestive system has become familiar territory even to the nursery school set, in a land where the satisfaction of curiosity about almost all matters is a national pastime, the secrecy surrounding embalming can, surely, hardly be attributed to the inherent gruesomeness of the subject.

Does this deter the embalmer? After the clergyman has had his say, the mourners queue up to file past the casket for a last look at the deceased.

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It should lie as high as possible in the casket, yet not so high that the lid, when lowered, will hit the nose.

Consequently well over 90 per cent of all American funerals feature the open casket - a custom unknown in other parts of the world. The author tells us, "On the basis of such scanty information made available to this profession through its rudimentary and haphazard system of technical research, we must conclude the best results are to be obtained if the subject is embalmed before life is completely extinct - that is, before cellular death has occurred.Introductory statements: Behind the Formaldehyde Curtain is an essay that was written by Jessica Mitford.

The main idea of the author is subject of the practices of embalming, secrets surrounding these practices as well as description of the procedures followed during the embalming process.

Jessica Mitford’s “Behind the Formaldehyde Curtain” is a critique of the funeral industry and its barbaric ways of performing “demi-surgery” on corpses, according to Scribd. Utilizing metaphor and potent imagery, Mitford achieves her purpose, which is to expose the horrendous acts that occur in a funeral home.

“Behind the Formaldehyde Curtain” by Jessica Mitford The drama begins to unfold with the arrival of the corpse at the mortuary. Alas, poor Yorick!1 How surprised he would be to see how his counterpart of today is whisked off to a funeral parlor and is in short order painted, rouged, and neatly dressed.

The purpose of this piece is to inform the reader of the process of embalming in a painfully detailed fashion to draw out disgust. This is done so Mitford gains support in objecting towards the practice of embalming from the audience. Rhetoric Techniques Allusion: Paragraph 2 Line 2: "Alas Poor.

“Behind the Formaldehyde Curtain” by Jessica Mitford – Essay Sample Home / Essay Examples / Other / “Behind the Formaldehyde Cur When getting down to reading “Behind the Formaldehyde Curtain” by Jessica Mitford, I was not expecting to face an essay of such a dark content.

The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the essay "Behind the Formaldehyde Curtain by Jessica Mitford. Specifically it will contain an analysis of the essay, including the writer's point and the major ways the writer illustrates that point.

Behind the formeldyhyde curtain
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