An analysis of the topic of the home country and the young republic of kazakhstan

Despite funding cutbacks, plays, dance performances, art museums, and the upkeep of historical museums are very important to the people of Kazakhstan. Kazakhs have always held guests in high regard. The groups are well received by the people and, for the most part, allowed to do their work by the Kazakhstani government.

Local and state police and local and national courts are set up much as they are in the United States and much of the rest of the Western world. Private homes are also changing; sometimes next to or between old Soviet-style one-story austere houses, new two- and three-story houses with two-car garages and large, fenced-in yards are being built.

Its major exports include agricultural products, raw materials, chemical products, and manufactured goods. Religion in Kazakhstan is in a time of change. With alcoholism on the rise, especially among men, and educational performance among men often lower than average, women may play an even more significant role in the future Kazakhstani economy.

Every guest is always offered tea, if not forced to stay and drink some. Women and girls often hold hands as they walk; boys wrestle and often hook arms or walk with their arms around each other.

Generally children go to kindergarten at ages four or five in Kazakhstan. Timoschenko, Valery, and Krolikova, Tatiana. Thus, the younger generation of intellectuals turned into urban-style Muslims before the Soviet communists took over in the early s. In daily life Kazakhs eat some of their own national dishes, but have borrowed some from the Russians, Ukrainians, Uzbeks, and Turks that they live among.

Meatpacking plants operate in many areas, but creameries exist chiefly in areas settled by Slavs in the north and east. Nevertheless, doctors are trusted and respected.


The Tien Shan peaks rise along the southern frontier with Kyrgyzstan. But there are many very strong women and powerful matriarchs who wield all practical control. When sitting down to eat with a Kazakh family one can be sure of two things: Those international companies are the good resource partners of Kazakhstan.

The wolf, bear, and snow leopardas well as the commercially important ermine and sable, are found in the hills. This emigration, along with a return to the country of ethnic Kazakhs, changed the demographic makeup of Kazakhstan: These small white homes are still found in some parts of Kazakhstan, but for the most part they are used in celebrations and for murals and tourist crafts.Kazakhstan is a nation in Central Asia and the world's biggest landlocked area in terms of land area.

Kazakhstan is bordered by Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgzstan, China, Russia, and the Caspian killarney10mile.comKazakhstan has an estimated population of million, which ranks 65th in the world. Republic of Kazakhstan and, in particular, to highlight the problems that young women face.

According to the experts from the United Nations, gender issues are the third most important global issue after threats to peace and the. The republic occupies the territory of more than 2 million square kilometers.

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Kazakhstan has 14 regions, 84 cities. The earth of Kazakhstan is full of iron and gold, coal, nickel and raw materials. Also Kazakhstan is rich in mineral resources.

These reserves formed a solid base for the development of heavy industry.

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Doing Business in Kazakhstan is a continuation of a subnational study of the Doing Business series focusing on business regulations affecting small to medium-sized domestic firms in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is landlocked and is far from international oil markets. The lack of access to the open ocean makes the country dependent mainly on pipelines to transport its hydrocarbons to world markets. Kazakhstan is also a transit country for oil and natural gas pipeline exports to China. Kazakhstan has the potential for becoming one of central Asia's richest countries because of its huge mineral and oil resources and its liberalized economy, which encourages Western investment.

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Inoil was discovered in Kazakhstan's portion of the Caspian Sea. It is believed to be the largest oil find in 30 years.

An analysis of the topic of the home country and the young republic of kazakhstan
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