An analysis of my hatred to the sound of that alarm clock

Who are these animals, and why could they possibly ever not want more sleep?

The Anxiety of Alarm Clocks

I am associating this sense of anxiety with the tone as well as with waking up early, and once it has been conditioned, this tone will cause anxiety in other environments. After learning about this, I think it is best to change the tone that you wake up to each morning fairly regularly so your body does not condition anxiety to a certain sound, and if you do not want to switch up your alarm all of the time, pick a sound that you will not hear regularly in your environment!

When the time comes, the clock launches three puzzle pieces into the air. In fact, every day I have my educational psychology class a watch alarm goes off that sounds exactly like my morning alarm clock, and instantly I feel a twinge of anxiety and lose all focus.

Please consult a qualified health care professional for personalized medical advice. This cute, wheeled timekeeper rolls and leaps, from up to 3 feet, off your nightstand after one snooze.

Some people also have a stronger sensitivity to sound than others, and after reading this article, I have realized that I definitely fall into this category. My hypothesis is that our brains learn to associate this tone with anxiety after a long period of time of being paired together.

Laser Target Alarm Clock: Although the lamps deal in light rather than sound, this suggests that "sensory input does create a physiologic response," he says. Sonic Boom With Super Shaker: The most shocking finding? Featured photo via Getty; images via Sleep Junkie Share. Is there a worse combo?

From this experience, I began to question the real reason why this sound brings along such anxiety with it.

Here’s How Much People Hate Their Alarm Clocks

In this study done by Philip C. You have to twist the dials to create an equation that makes sense before you can turn it off. Does the sound of my alarm have any effect on my morning?

But according to a new survey from Sleep Junkienot everyone immediately reaches for the snooze button. Have a question for Healthy Living?

Along with this, I want to find out why this sound still gives me anxiety completely out of context in the middle of class.

So when it comes to the perfect morning, does any of it matter? Putting all the pieces together from the answers about alarm practices, we can pretty easily imagine a typical morning based on the most commonly reported wake-up routines.

If that includes waking up to a sound or a song you find pleasing, Decker says, why not "respect or appreciate" that? To which we ask: If I hear this tone go off in the middle of the day, I immediately feel anxious.

But it is an interesting one, as many of us at least anecdotally suspect that a more pleasant alarm sound leads to a more pleasant awakening. While researching this topic, I also found an interesting topic that could be a reason as to why the tone of an alarm clock gives me anxiety.

In this article in Psychology Todayit explains that since noise is a stimulus, it can cause people to react negatively to it, like any other stimulus. That way you never have to feel the sudden panic that I feel as I hear the tone of my alarm coming from a watch in educational psychology every class at noon!!

Overall, my hypothesis was correct and the reason for being able to generalize this alarm clock sound over environments is due to classical conditioning. Since I have been using the same tone as my alarm clock since middle school, it makes sense that I would have learned to associate anxiety to this tone since waking up early causes me anxiety.

Tweet us your snooze-button habits BritandCo! In this article, it explains how a lot of anxiety is learned through classical conditioning as a child. To make it even more challenging, place the target in different parts of the room each night. Kendall at Temple University, he describes that classical conditioning, which is very common in psychology, is the reason for this anxiety.

Classical conditioning is a process believed by behaviorists that associates neutral stimuli with an unconditioned stimulus, and when this unconditioned stimulus is aversive, the neutral stimulus becomes unpleasant too.

I dread the sound of my alarm, but not only in the morning.Aug 04,  · I woke up to the sound of the alarm clock is OK but I would prefer I was woken up by the alarm clock. I woke up to the sound of something almost sounds as if you woke up naturally and heard the sound as you were waking up.

I awoke to the sound of birds singing. I awoke to the sound of the kids arguing. 13 thoughts on “ The Anxiety of Alarm Clocks ” Taryn S Linker October 20, at pm. I totally understand how you feel! I can’t listen to the sound of my alarm clock from high school without my stomach turning.

The sound of an alarm clock is meant to be (no pun intended) alarming.

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If the sound were not so “alarming” you would otherwise sleep through it and defeat the purpose of the alarm clock.

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BROWSE NOW >>>. Greetings! Thanks for the A2A. The points expressed by everyone here is great! I would like to add my share. Yes! It is totally normal to hate your alarm sound. I learnt this lesson the hard way, I kept my favorite song as my alarm tune and guess.

An analysis of my hatred to the sound of that alarm clock
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