A biography of ben hogan an american professional golfer

In "The Search for the Perfect Golf Swing", researchers Cochran and Stobbs held the opinion that a left-handed person playing right-handed would be prone to hook the ball. Hogan remains the only golfer in history to win the Masters, U. Ben Hogan Golf Company[ edit ] Following his most successful season, Hogan started his golf club company in the fall of in Fort Worth.

But when Hogan shocked and amazed the golf world by returning to tournament golf only 11 months after his accident, and took second place in the Los Angeles Open after a playoff loss to Sam Snead, he was cheered on by ecstatic fans. He was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in His exceptional will and rigorous practice routine enabled him to play winning golf after an automobile accident in which he was injured so severely that he was not expected to walk again.

The draw is more appealing to amateurs due to its greater distance. This may be the reason that his early play with right-handed equipment found him using a cross-handed grip right hand at the end of the club, left hand below it.

A proper stance starts with your feet being aligned at the target, followed by your knees, hips and shoulders.

Ben Hogan: Biography & American Golfer

InHogan was ranked as the fourth greatest player of all time by Golf Magazine. Thirteen months later he entered the L. Then his shoulders and arm follow after. He did not win his first pro tournament as an individual until Marchwhen he won three consecutive tournaments in North Carolina.

It was his home course after his retirement, and he was an active member of Colonial as well for many years. This accident left Hogan, age 36, with a double- fracture of the pelvisa fractured collar bonea left ankle fracture, a chipped riband near-fatal blood clots: It could be argued that his demeanor simply illustrated his penchant for action instead of words.

Think of the seat of the stick as being about two inches or so below your buttocks. Callaway now owns the rights to the Ben Hogan brand. Jamie Diaz, writing in Sports Illustrated, said, "InHogan suffered what some consider to be the most devastating back-to-back losses in major championship history.

Open, and the PGA Championship. It points to the target and, at the moment the ball is contacted, it is out in front, nearer to the target than any part of the hand. His book Five Lessons: He was 84 years old.

Open at Merion, saying "there are no 7-iron shots at Merion". This line was used by subsequent Ryder Cup captain Raymond Floyd in Inyear-old Hogan turned pro and began playing in PGA tournaments full time two years later with little more than pocket change.

The following spring, Nelson was granted the only junior membership offered by the members of Glen Garden. It has been alleged that Hogan used a "strong" grip, with hands more the right of the club grip in tournament play prior to his accident indespite often practicing with a "weak" grip, with the back of the left wrist facing the target, and that this limited his success, or, at least, his reliability, up to that date.

Hogan did this to prevent himself from ever hooking the ball off the tee. Inyear-old Hogan turned pro and began playing in PGA tournaments full time two years later with little more than pocket change. At the top of his backswing, his left arm should be extended at the exact same angle to the ball as the glass.

One of his most challenging bouts with adversity came early ina year that had started with Hogan winning two of the first four events of the season. Open titles, the career Grand Slam, and the winner of three professional Grand Slam events in a single season, Hogan enjoyed a stellar professional career that spanned five decades.

His unwavering focus and ability to place the ball precisely where he intended contributed to the almost eerie presence he brought to the greens. Callaway now owns the rights to the Ben Hogan brand.

It was compiled and printed in book form later that year and is currently in its 64th printing. This information was revealed in a Life magazine article.

Make sure to close your shoulders slightly to stay aligned with the target line. Although it took a decade for Hogan to secure his first victory, his wife Valerie believed in him, and this helped see him through the tough years when he battled a hook that he later cured.He dropped out of high school during his senior year to become a professional golfer and played at San Antonio’s Texas Open in late January of In April ofHogan married Valerie Fox when he was a club pro in Cleburne, Texas.

William Ben Hogan (August 13, – July 25, ) was an American professional golfer who is generally considered to be one of the greatest players in the history of the game.

Ben Hogan life and biography

He was born within six months of Sam Snead and Byron Nelson, who were two other acknowledged golf greats of the 20th century. Ben Hogan: Biography & American Throughout his life Mr. Hogan overcame a very traumatic childhood, recovered from a nearly fatal head-on collision with a bus and built a golf equipment empire.

Ben Hogan was born in a small town in Texas called Dublin. Ben Hogan, byname of William Benjamin Hogan, (born August 13,Dublin, Texas, U.S.—died July 25,Fort Worth, Texas), American professional golfer who became supreme in the decade after World War II.

Frequently revered, yet often misunderstood, Ben Hogan () carried a mystique and popularity in golfing circles experienced by few others. He became a phenomenon in the s and s, taking considerable numbers. Jul 26,  · A professional golfer afflicted with a hook is much like a professional baseball player who cannot hit a curveball.

Both are destined to fail. Hogan knew that well, and once said: ''I hate a hook.

A biography of ben hogan an american professional golfer
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