49 business plan optus zoo

If you are unable to settle your complaint with the content provider please contact Optus Customer Care on Where your Premium Call is timed and charged at a per minute rate Data Volume charge: The amount of the fee will depend on various factors, including the terms of your current pricing plan, your call spend under your current pricing plan and the terms of the new pricing plan you are moving to.

If you select a new rate plan any calls made from the date of the change, will be rated at the applicable rate of your new plan. Once your request for barring your mobile phone for Premium Services is received it may take up to 1 business day to be successfully processed.

You need to have 2.


Certain features are only available to you if your handset is compatible with the service. Once this activation is complete there will be no further charges for Premium Services. Where you are charged according to how many Kilobytes of data you are downloading. You are not able to view your monthly usage prior to receiving your bill.

Optus is not responsible for third party content, and sites may be subject to change. Additionally you can raise you complaint by simply clicking on the complaint button whilst within your PSMS usage transactions page. Optus will endeavour to provide current, accurate information but makes no guarantee regarding the timely delivery, currency, or accuracy of any information provided to you as part of the Optus iZoo Update service.

GST will be calculated on the total amount of taxable supplies during the billing period and shown as a separate entry. Under the Optus Cap for iPhone Plans, customers receive unlimited access to these services within Australia only. Should you click on a banner advertisement; a response will be sent to you on an opt-in basis.

We may charge you a fee if you move from one pricing plan to another before the end of your minimum term. Is permitted during the contract period providing the new applicant meets Optus credit assessment criteria and both the current and new owner agree to the conditions on the Optus Change of Ownership form.

Check with sales staff when you connect.

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Alternatively you can call Optus Customer Care on for Consumer customer and for Business Customers. Message charges may be incurred for up to eight days from the original send date.The business plan consists of a narrative and several financial worksheets.

The narrative template is the body of the business plan. It contains more than questions divided into several sections. Changing the password for an account will affect all services that use that password information, including Email, Webmail, Homepage Personalisation and when usernames are shared with other Optus Internet Access services.

Feb 19,  · I just signed up for the Optus $49 Business Cap plan with a TyTn II and have been trying to make sense of Optus's data plans. I was interested in optus's new $39 5GB(link). I thought it would be handy to be able to use some of the data on my phone, and also use my phone as a modem for my laptop.

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GB of Included Mobile Internet Data Value the $49 Optus Cap includes a set amount of data per month to access services on Optus Zoo or Optus iZoo, browsing the Internet from your mobile as well as using your mobile as a modem. Dec 23,  · BUT I'm on the business plan, which on the website states clearly that the cap is $ if you don't enter into a data plan, until you exceed 5Mb.

I'm pretty sure that the $ Optus Zoo Subscription only covers 5MB of data from Optus Zoo sites.

49 business plan optus

According to the terms and conditions from the Optus Zoo page: I am on the Optus $49. Your guide to all things business 05/12 FREE BROADBAND within Australia to access services on Optus Zoo and browsing the internet All handsets featured are 3G dual band and run on the Optus Network #.


49 business plan optus zoo
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